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2020, a year in review.

Its about that time again... I think its safe to say we are all collectively just a little bit more excited to watch the ball drop this year. Not that 2021 wont bring its own set of challenges, as every year inevitably does, but it seems 2020 has really done a number on us all and everyone is ready to put it in the past where it belongs. Don't worry, this wont be a debbie downer blog post reminding you of the dumpster fire of a year we all just endured. Only going to hit you with some highlights from Burning Love Studios in 2020...

With everything going on I find myself forgetting that the majority of 2020 was still only my first year in business! Burning Love Studios celebreated its one year anniversary on October 22, a very proud moment for me.The pandemic affected business in ways you would expect, espescially with less markets and low attendance at the very few socially-distanced outdoor markets we were able to attend. I didn't do as much business as I would have liked, but it wasnt all bad! In the beginning of the pandemic my full-time job was closed and I wasn't working so I made my first ever t-shirt quilt! (I will be writing a blog post about it sometime in the near future) It was fun project and it gave me something to keep my mind busy while I was out of work, which was practically foreign to me.


photos above (L to R): Me at the Dean Hotel outdoor marketplace on Halloween, Charcuterie boards, setup day at Empire Emporium on Block Island, 'hope' ornaments (my most popular item of the year!)

As the year progressed I was given the opportunity to sell some Burning Love Studios products over the summer at a pop up boutique on Block Island (my favorite place!) called The Empire Emporium and then again in downtown Providence at Bloom Collective, just recently, over the holidays. Both locations offered me the opportunity to be able to sell merchandise in my first retail environment and were great networking and learning experiences. Huge thank you to the organizers, the many local small business community members I have met and befriended and everyone who stopped by and shopped small, I am beyond grateful.

Its no surprise my busiest season was the holidays, which after a slow year I was very much looking forward to. It kicked off mid October (!!!) with a few early Christmas orders and ran straight through the week of December 25th! It was hectic and at times, stressful but in a good way. I was slightly more prepared than last year for the influx of orders and luckily did not run into any major issues but there is still LOTS to learn. I made many personalized ornaments, custom orders, charcuterie boards and even a few special requests that will become new products for 2021! Its true what they say about small business owners doing a little happy dance for every order that comes through, even if mine was more of a shimmy. Funny enough, I was reluctant to launch my website this year, totally unsure if anyone would even order from it. Right before I published the site I can remember feeling like it might be a big waste of time and money. But when that first order came through, it was magic. And its that feeling that fuels me to keep going. A special thank you to everyone who took the time to order from my site this year, it means more to me than you could even imagine.

So now that the rush of the holidays are over and i've had about a week or so to process it all, I am excited to focus on my goals for the new year. I am especially looking forward to learning more about the back end business side of things. Its time to establish some scheduling, organization and streamline processes to help make Burning Love Sudios as efficient as possible, I am a Virgo after all! I am also hoping to create/post more content on my Instagram and Facebook pages as well as this new blog! I always thought that would be the easiest part of this business but it turns out it is often one of the hardest. Well, if you made it this far, thanks for taking the time to read my first blog post! I hope everyone has a happy, healthy new year. See you all in 2021! - Lauren @burninglovestudios

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